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As the creators of one of the top outdoor and active lifestyle brands online, Qi Tribe, we understood the health benefits of Bold, Robust, Naturally Brewed coffee and tea. It’s literally a super-food, touted as a great mood enhancer, an elixir for mental focus, a cure for headaches and certainly for many, it’s a must-have morning or afternoon pick me up. So we decided to order ‘the best cold brew maker’ for the office; which turned into ordering many. None rivaled $4/cup coffee and tea chains! Fed up, we analyzed the best features of each of the cold brew systems we ordered & engineered them into one RIVAL THE PANTS OFF ANY COLD BREW MACHINE system – then sent it out to our loyal customers for a no-holds-barred opinion test. The response was phenomenal. They said coffee they’ve drank all their lives was suddenly ‘sultry’, ‘velvety’, and ‘an explosion on my palette’, and Wicked Java Joe was born.


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We believe that life is all about enjoying it with a healthy passion. In line with Qi Tribe’s mission, Wicked Java Joe is committed to providing each customer with the highest standard of customer service. Please use the form on the right if you have any inquiries or concerns.

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