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Cold Brew Coffee Maker

IMAGINE SIPPING AN INDULGENT GLASS OF RICH, ICY COLD BREW COFFEE, without overpaying! It’s so easy with the incredible Wicked Java Joe Cold Brew Coffee Maker!

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Pour Over Coffee Dripper

UNLOCK HIDDEN AROMAS & FLAVORS YOU’D OTHERWISE MISS. Enjoy a better brew with our new clever cone designed Pour Over Coffee Dripper!

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Cold Brew Tea Infuser

IMAGINE SIPPING AN INDULGENT GLASS OF DELICIOUS, ICY COLD BREW TEA on a steamy day! It’s now made easy with Wicked Java Joe’s Cold Brew Tea Infuser!

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Cinnamon Dolce Iced Coffee

Okay, okay, nobody’s making claims that this recipe is healthy. But if you like your joe sweet, it’s your new go-to. Prep Time: 5 min Cook Time: 5 min Total Time: 10 min   Ingredients For the cinnamon dolce coffee syrup: 1/2 cup light brown...

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Fresh Mint Iced Coffee

To love this, you do have to love fresh mint. It’s a different sort of mint though. It tastes nothing like artificial peppermint. To be ever so cliché and play right into the name, it does just taste FRESH. It adds a little kick to the coffee,...

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Special Holiday Recipe: Cold Brew Eggnog

Wicked Java Joe here reaching out to wish you a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! I’d like to share with you one of my favorite holiday recipes for Cold Brew Coffee Eggnog. I think it’s the best eggnog you will ever taste. Eggnog is a...

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Good, strong coffee without the bitter acidic bite

“I’ve gone through 2 rounds of brew in this cold brew setup, and it works like a charm! Coffee comes out without the bitter acidic bite that my regular drop coffee pot makes. I would recommend this to anyone who loves good, strong coffee but not the acidy bite.”

Booklovin’ Housemom

The best cold coffee you'll ever drink.

This makes the best iced coffee I’ve ever had. I use the generic Ralph’s brand and it’d delicious.. Easy instructions and mind blowing taste. I’ve made fans of a few friends already who have been lucky enough to try. Great product. Will save you loads of cash not buying the bitter star bucks crud.. Highly recommended..


Well worth getting if you like smooth coffee!

Already made 2 batches of Cold brew coffee, and this coffee maker was super easy to use and really easy to clean (big on my list). I really like the tall stainless filter as it places the coffee deep into the brew jar to get maximum brewing capability. This is a great simple brewer that does not cost an arm and a leg. Great value for a simply great product!.

Lonny Anderson

the best thing to happen in our kitchen in a long time

Oh, the best thing to happen in our kitchen in a long time. We are addicted, and have gotten more people to buy your cold-brew system than I can remember! Thanks for making a great product!

Linda F.

This Infuser is AWESOME!!

I made a full container of cold brewed coffee with my Columbian death beans, I was wired for a week!! Does wicked java Joe make this in a 5 gallon container? This Infuser is AWESOME!!!

C. Moose

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